Naomi is completing her PhD at University of Technology Sydney

Proteomic characterisation of adipose stem cells

Isolation of adipose stem cells from 10 human abdominal lipoaspirates

Expansion of cells using traditional media and xeno-free alternatives. Investigation of cryopreservation on adipose stem cells

Proteomic characterisation was achieved through analysing whole cell lysates, membrane bound fractions and extracellular vesicles on a Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap mass spectrometer

Examination of 27 secreted cytokines with a Bioplex multiplex immunoassay

Kynurenine pathway in adipose stem cells

Collaboration with St Vincent's Centre for Applied Medical Research and Macquarie University

Adipose stem cells were treated with interferon gamma and the neurotoxin Quinolinic Acid for proteomic and microscopy analysis

Kynurenine pathway metabolites were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Digital media

Creation of digital media content for multiple sclerosis patients, utilisation of this digital media for education, and investigation of self-regulated learning

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O’Rourke, M.B.; Town, S.E.L.; Dalla, P.V.; Bicknell, F.; Koh Belic, N.; Violi, J.P.; Steele, J.R.; Padula, M.P. What is Normalization? The Strategies Employed in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Proteome Analysis Workflows. Proteomes 2019, 7, 29.



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University of Technology Sydney
Facility leader: Dr Matthew Padula